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🤔 Not sure how to use Silicolskin? We’ve got you covered!
💡 Test on a small area first.
👉 Shake tube well before every use.
💦 Wet the skin and apply a thin layer of silicol®skin to the affected area (avoid the eye area).
⏰ Allow to dry for 10 – 15 minutes.
🚿 Rinse with water.
You may experience a tingling, tightening and redness of
the skin during use. This is completely normal and will only
last a few minutes. If skin dryness occurs use a neutral moisturiser after rinsing.
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Our unique gel formula binds with bacteria, oil, and impurities on the skin, helping you fight those pesky spots and leaving you with a clean and refreshed complexion. Link in bio.
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Say goodbye to pesky spots and blackheads with silicolskin – the natural way to achieve flawless skin! Our formula contains colloidal silicic acid, the second most abundant element on earth, which works hard to reduce the appearance of blemishes and why we can keep silicolskin affordable.✨ Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!
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Our colloidal silicic acid formula has a unique mode of action that helps fight against those pesky spots and blackheads. Silicolskin works hard to reduce their appearance and leave you with a bright, even skin tone that will have you feeling confident and radiant. ✨
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Did you know that colloidal silicic acid hasbeen scientifically proven to be effective for managing spots and helping to reduce inflammation? Learn more about the science behind silicolskin.
Say goodbye to stubborn spots and hello to clear, radiant skin with Silicolskin. Our unique formula with colloidal silicic acid works wonders for managing breakouts. Get yours at: https://www.silicol-skin.com/product/silicol-skin/
Our 10-minute silicic acid gel works naturally to adsorb irritants, impurities and bacteria from the skin. These may be the cause of spots, blackheads and oily skin.
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Silicolskin is a clinically proven 👩‍🔬 gel to help with spots, blackheads and oily skin. It has a unique mode of action, physically binding nasties from the skin!
🧲Bind and reduce bacteria
💧Clear excess oil
🎯Reduce spots and blackheads
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Skincare shouldn’t be complicated – Silicolskin is a 10-minute gel that adsorbs irritants, impurities and, bacteria from the skin. These may be the cause of spots, blackheads, and oily skin. Get yours today 👉 link in bio
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Silicolskin, is an uncomplicated skincareroutine for problem skin if you can’t be bothered withan armoury of lotions and potions. It is an effectiveskincare solution that can reduce spots, blackheadsand oily skin – and better yet silicolskin is clinically
Silicolskin Adsorbs and removes irritants and bacteria from the skin calming and soothing the epidermis. It acts like a magnet, lifting oils and bacteria from the skin that may be the cause of spots and blackheads. Can silicolskin help you? find out now👉link in bio
Spots, Blackheads, Oily Skin 🤔?
Silicolskin has a unique mode of action physically binding nasties from the skin In a recent study conducted by Dermatest, measurements showed an 81% reduction in skin sebum and more than a 30% decrease in bacteria. See for yourself > link in bio
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Myth or Fact❗Do greasy foods or chocolate actually cause spots? 🤔We’ve all heard that they can, however, there is no evidence to support this. That being said, while chocolate and junk foods don’t cause spots, it’s still important to eat a healthy balanced diet to stay fit and healthy. Have you heard of any myths to find out that they don’t do anything, or have you got any great skincare facts? 🤗Let us know