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Does the sun really help with spots? What do you think; has the sun ever helped keep you skin clear, or does it make your spots worse? Learn more. Link in bio.
Silicolskin removes irritants and bacteria from the skin to help reduce spots , blackheads and excess oil. Find out how Silicolskin can help keep your skin clear. Link in bio.
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Silicolskin, removes irritants, impurities and bacteria from the skin to help reduce spots, blackheads and excess oil from your skin.
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Having spotty breakouts as a grown woman really knocked my confidence. The red angry pus-filled spots are definitely linked to periods, and probably the perimenopause.
Applying silicolskin once a day for 3 or 4 days is effective and really helps ‘calm’ those angry spots bulging under my skin – Mel K
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You are certainly not alone when it comes to dealing with spots; 95% of people have experiences with spots so they are bound to affect you at some point in your life, if they haven’t done so already! Do you know anything that triggers your spots and what do you find helps deal with them?
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silicolskin adsorbs (not to be confused with absorbs) the irritants impurities and bacteria straight from your skin helping you to achieve clearer, healthier looking skin 😍.
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Colloidal silica (also known as silicic acid) is a compound of silicon & oxygen, two of the most abundant substances on earth. Our formulation adsorbs and removes irritants and bacteria from the skin – clinically tested – for problem skin.
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Do you have a skincare routine? We believe everyone deserves clear skin which is why we developed silicolskin. If you’ve tried it let us know.  
In a recent study conducted by dermatest, 95% of trialists rated silicolskin as good or very good.
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silicolskin has a unique mode of action physically binding nasties from the skin…
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“I’ve been using this for 4 days and it’s completely calmed my breaks out down” Thanks to Demi132 over at Superdrug.com for her fab review.
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Masks are off! 
After almost a full year of mask wearing in Scotland’s classrooms there are reports of teenagers feeling anxious about showing their faces. But there is a theory that masks may have been the cause of breakouts.
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Could PMS be the cause of your spots 🤔? Nutritionist Emma Thornton tells us that the rise of progesterone in the body stimulates the production of sebum. The combination of bloating and this rise in progesterone leads to pores being blocked, making it difficult for the excess oil to escape. The result is spots, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and acne.
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Silicolskin is alcohol, paraben, and perfume free. Helping you achieve clearer, healthy skin 😍.
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Silicolskin has a unique mode of action physically binding nasties from the skin. It works naturally to adsorb irritants, impurities and bacteria and works to sooth the epidermis; the top three layers of your skin.
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In a study, silicolskin was shown to reduce oil content by 81%.
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