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I have suffered with skin problems since a teenager when puberty struck. As an adult, I still experience some breakouts around my period, and I’m also quite an anxious person and so I think times of stress may also be a factor that contributes to skin breakouts.

I have deep dark pores and usually a handful of spots dotted around my face and shoulders, as well as scars from the severe acne I experienced as a teen. My spots range from blackheads and small red lumps to white heads and larger, yellow pus-topped spots.

As an adult now, my skin appearance still gets me down. I’m 32 yet my skin still makes me feel like a teen. My pores are always visible and my skin is very oily which make-up always slides; it’s extremely irritating. I have tried many other products but none have significantly helped improve my skin and so I felt somewhat sceptical trying silicolskin but I’m so glad that I have.

My skin before trying :

before using silicolskin
Before using silicolskin

My skin after using :

after using silicolskin
after using silicolskin
after using silicolskin

After using the gel, my skin feels smooth, tight and clean which I really like. It was very cleansing, and my skin not only feels as if it has improved in quality, but it has a fresher, more youthful appearance too.

Particularly, the gel acted quite quickly to reduce the oiliness of my skin. The number of blocked pores I have has reduced, and it has also improved the appearance of the yellow-topped spots I tend to get on my forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and shoulders. I’ve had less spots and my skin is generally clearer and less oily.

Overall, I thought the gel treatment was good. The only negative for me occasionally was that I didn’t’ always have 10 minutes spare to use the gel but as the effect has been so good, I will definitely continue to use it. I’m really happy with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

Victoria G silicolskin
“I’m really happy with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.”

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