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I didn’t really get problem spots as a teenager, but when I got pregnant at 27, hormonal spots came into my life with a vengeance. A contraceptive coil worsened the breakouts, and I started getting crater-like spots on my neck and jaw, but the many hormonal spot treatments I tried made no difference. My GP replaced my coil for a hormone-free copper one and I swapped to a natural skincare brand but I still get breakouts every cycle, although less severe.

Having spotty breakouts as a grown woman really knocked my confidence. The red angry pus-filled spots are definitely linked to periods, and probably the perimenopause.

Applying silicolskin once a day for 3 or 4 days is effective and really helps ‘calm’ those angry spots bulging under my skin. There is a little redness that fades quickly, and my skin does feel dry but nothing my usual morning toner and moisturising routine can’t remedy. If I can resist picking, they disappear within a week.

Using silicolskin when you need it is an effective, uncomplicated skincare routine for problem skin for me and for my teenage son who can’t be bothered with a full skincare routine.



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silicolskin has received the 5 star Excellent seal of approval from Derma Test

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