Denise Turner

I’ve suffered from problem skin for over eleven years; very red, angry-looking raised itchy spots would appear around my jawlines, and also on my upper arms. The itching is very annoying, but the appearance of the spots bothers me more and makes me feel very insecure. I feel paranoid that people notice them, and I don’t like going out without covering up to try and look more normal.

In the Summer, I wouldn’t feel comfortable about baring my arms and would cover up no matter how warm it was. I used to love wearing vest tops but because my skin looks so bad, I’ve felt it necessary to wear t-shirts to cover the worst part of my arms.

People have noticed the state of my skin and have often asked questions but I don’t like talking about it. It’s embarrassing and makes me feel very self-conscious.

It feels like I’ve tried everything to get rid of the spots; from antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, various over-the-counter creams, antiseptic liquids and creams – everything, even nappy rash creams!

I was recommended and use it on my face and upper arms as directed on the pack. The application from the tube is easy and not messy at all.

is fabulous! It really does work. After only a few uses, it had a beneficial effect on my skin.

My spots improve within 24 hours of using the gel and I have definitely noticed fewer new spots forming. Since using the gel, my skin feels very cleansed and extremely soft. I’ve not had any issues and it seems to suit my skin well. I like the fact it is odourless and feels more natural. I’m really pleased with this product and will definitely keep using it on a regular basis. I would most certainly recommend to others.

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