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Eva H silicolskin
“I’m really pleased with the results”

I first started getting spots my early teens, mainly around my mouth, chin, and forehead. Like many women, my skin troubles are worst around the time of my period and some foods can trigger an episode of spots. I follow a healthy diet and exercise routine all week, I don’t tend to snack between meals and I don’t eat too much sugar as I know it doesn’t make me feel great. I also switched to almond milk as cows milk seemed to affect my skin. It’s frustrating that even being conscientious about my health, I still couldn’t seem to get on top of my skin problems.

My chin is the worst affected area with unsightly scars around my mouth and on my chin, and papules and pustules. I also have enlarged pores on my forehead, and I get lots of blackheads on my nose, forehead, chin and some on my cheeks. At times, my spots have made me feel very insecure, and I’ve often felt the need to cover up with make-up.

I feel like I’ve tried more skin products than haven’t, and so when my mum suggested I tried silicolskin, I was sceptical that it would work but keen to try it all the same, just in case it did!

I applied the gel for ten minutes a day from Monday to Friday and took a break on the weekend. I’ve been using silicolskin for over a month now and I’m really pleased with the results, as since using the gel, my skin’s feels and looks much smoother. I noticed changes within a day of using the gel; no new spots appeared, and the ones already there started to look less angry and clear.

There are no more blackheads on my nose, and I have little to no red spots or yellow pus-filled spots elsewhere. My chin area and around the mouth has improved the most; the skin is less oily and irritated, and the blackheads are completely gone. My forehead is clear of spots, and the amount of oil my skin produces seems to have reduced and I have less blocked pores as a result.

I get the occasional small red spot or bump on my chin or near my mouth but these are mild in comparison to the angry looking ones I had before.  I am very happy with the results and will be buying more silicolskin. I will certainly recommend it to friends with similar skin problems.”

Before using silicolskin
My chin before using silicolskin
Skin before using silicolskin
My forehead before using silicolskin
skin after using silicolskin
My skin after using silicolskin
Skin after using silicolskin
My skin after using silicolskin

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