Ben M

I started having spotty outbreaks on my face when I reached my teens, and I also get lots on my torso. It’s frustrating not being able to get them under control, and the ones on my back are particularly uncomfortable; I feel embarrassed when changing for sports at school around others. My mum gave me silicolskin to try and I used it as a mask over the problem areas on my face and on individual spots on my back.

As the gel dries it feels a little tingly and tight, which felt strange at first but quite nice, and after the first use it just became normal. My skin is a little red but soon returns to normal, so I used it before going to bed to avoid a red face if I was going out.

Within a few days of use, there was some improvement and after a week, the difference was easy to see. It has lessened the number of spots that occur, and quickly helps reduce the appearance of new spots that do appear.

I feel more confident as my skin looks better and I’m not so self-conscious. It’s now a permanent fixture in my bathroom cabinet!




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