Kate K

As a teen, I thought spots were something I would grow out of, well I’m nearly 40 and still get them. In all that time I have found I can reduce the number of spots I get by cleaning my face properly before bed, but I haven’t totally stopped spots appearing.

Having big spots appear on my chin or nose has just as big an impact on my self-confidence now as it did when I was younger and I have never managed to adequately cover them up with make-up. When a spot appears I want it to dry up and go as quickly as possible and that’s where I find silicolskin helps. With quite sensitive skin I just use it in on the spots themselves rather than surrounding skin and the treatment helps the big spots shrink much faster. I am so happy I have found something which helps me treat my spots and I’m keeping silicolskin in my bathroom cabinet for my next breakout.


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